What are PawPadsRX made out of?

PawPadsRx are made from human medical grade materials; copper, silicone & adhesive similar to that of what you find in band-aids

Are they safe for my Dog's Paws?

PawPadsRx are made of human grade medical materials and have been ground heat tested up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit proven reduce it to a cool 75 degrees or lower

What is the adhesive made of?

Medical grade adhesive you find in band aids or kinesiology tapes infused with a soothing paw balm antibacterial ointment

How do I apply them?

Clean and trim hair of paws prior to application. Peel away clear liner then apply firmly to bottom of dogs paws. When done with use, simply peel the PawPadsRx off gently heel to toes.

Will it heal and repair damaged paws?

Yes, it will definitely help heal and soothe any minor damage and discomfort on your pups paws while keeping the wound or issue protected and covered. It will act similar to a bandaid, which cannot heal some wounds that may require stitches or worse.

What is the maximum temperature PawPadsRX can be used in?

We’ve tested PawPadsRx up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and on a 200+ degree surface the pad will reduce that to 75 degrees or less

Does it hurt my dog when I remove them?

It should not hurt your dogs paws when removing. Remember to make sure the paws are clean and shaven before applying, then slowly peel from heal to toes gently to remove.

What separates PawPadsRX from similar products?

First our patent pending half moon cut out in the center of our PawPadsRx is what truly gives the range of motion needed for the pads to stay on unlike competitors. Also our healing & soothing medical grade adhesive/solution infused. PawPadsRx promote healing & soothing with protection and bacteria prevention.

What if my dogs paws don’t match the sizes available?

It’s better to go slightly larger than slightly too small with PawPadsRx, if they are too small the feet could still burn on hot surfaces. We have 3 sizes S,M,L which are the most universal tho we will have XS, Small, Medium, and MidLarge, coming soon.

How long do PawPadsRX Last?

PawPadsRx can last and stay on 48+ hours depending upon usage. Though we recommend use as a disposable pad and that you replace after heavy usage. Will be dependent upon the environment, if it is super muddy or harsher conditions typically the pads will not last quite as long.

Do PawPadsRX last in Rain and Snow?

They are mostly waterproof but not recommended for full water submersion for extended periods of time.

Will my dog notice the PawPadsRx on their Paws?

Typically most dogs don’t like anything on their feet, that is why we made such a thin, obscure & lightweight pad that dogs barely notice. Typically more sensitive dogs notice on application only, than once feet are on ground they realize nothings there & begin to walk normally. Goes much more unnoticed by dogs than our typical dog shoe competitors.