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PawPadsRx (12 Pack)

PawPadsRx (12 Pack)

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PawPadsRx are a Slim, Thin & Durable Paw Protection adhesive Pads with a soothing Paw Balm infused for any extreme weather, temperatures or environment. Scorching hot asphalt or freezing snow conditions. The Rx Paw balm/ ointment  heals cracked, dry, or ruff PawPads while adhered to bottom of your dogs feet preventing bacteria and protecting them on their favorite walks, runs & hikes. Proven to reduce impact walking or running, helpful for senior doggos with arthritis or joint discomfort. The perfect product for an active doggo lifestyle.

PawPadsRx is a thin peel away copper and silicone based pad with our Rx adhesive that adheres to the bottom of the paw and fits any shape or size dog Paw Pad universally. The PawPadsRx have treading on the bottom for added traction in slippery or unstable conditions. PawPadsRx are so thin and light weight your dog will barely notice they are applied. Unlike big heavy, clunky & slippery dog booties or shoes. PawPadsRx will have your dog feeling much more comfortable and willing to go outside and handle their business with this comfort at their feet. PawPadsRx are also proven to reduce impact, similar to human shoes or special insoles for shoes. Giving your dog more longevity and helping prevent early onset arthritis or joint discomforts from constant impact.


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